EA 2013 provisional Program (pdf)

Invited speakers

List of accepted papers

  1. *Paper #4 - Nonlinear Parameter Variation of HS Algorithm for Designing Stable Adaptive Fuzzy Controllers* - (POSTER presentation) /Kaushik Das Sharma, Patrick Siarry, Amitava Chatterjee, Anjan Rakshit/
  2. *Paper #7 - A Novel Layer-based Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm using Clustering* /Mohammad Raihanul Islam, M. Sohel Rahman/ CANCELED
  3. *Paper #10 - What Makes an Instance Difficult for Black-Box 0--1 Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimizers?* /Arnaud Liefooghe, Sebastien Verel, Hernan Aguirre, Kiyoshi Tanaka/
  4. *Paper #12 - Local Optima Networks of the Permutation flow-shop Problem* /Fabio Daolio, Sebastien Verel, Gabriela Ochoa, Marco Tomassini/
  5. *Paper #13 - Memetic algorithm with an efficient split procedure for the Team Orienteering Problem with Time Windows* /Rym Nesrine Guibadj, Aziz Moukrim/
  6. *Paper #14 - Log-log Convergence for Noisy Optimization* /Sandra Astete Morales, Jialin Liu, Olivier Teytaud/
  7. *Paper #15 - Linear Convergence of Evolution Strategies with Derandomized Sampling Beyond Quasi-Convex functions* /Olivier Teytaud, Jeremie Decock/
  8. *Paper #18 - Preventing Premature Convergence and Proving the Optimality in Evolutionary Algorithms* /Charlie Vanaret, Jean-Baptiste Gotteland, Nicolas Durand, Jean-Marc Alliot/
  9. *Paper #20 - Learning Selection Strategies for Evolutionary Algorithms* /Nuno Lourenco, Francisco B. Pereira, Ernesto Costa/
  10. *Paper #22 - Medium-Voltage Distribution Network Expansion Planning with Gene-pool Optimal Mixing Evolutionary Algorithms* /Hoang N. Luong, Marinus O. W. Grond, Peter A. N. Bosman, Han La Poutre/
  11. *Paper #23 - Improving the Louvain algorithm for community detection with modularity maximizatio* /Olivier Gach, Jin-Kao Hao/
  12. *Paper #25 - Balancing User Interaction and Control in Bayesian Network Structure Learning* /Alberto Tonda, Andre Spritzer, Evelyne Lutton/
  13. *Paper #26 - Preliminary studies on Biclustering of GWA: a multiobjective approach* /Khedidja SERIDI, Laetitia JOURDAN, El-Ghazali TALBI/
  14. *Paper #28 - A Memetic Algortihm for the Team Orienteering Problem with Time Windows and Period Dependant Profits* - (POSTER presentation) /Hasan Murat Afsar, Ludovic Drugbert, Nacima Labadie/
  15. *Paper #29 - Effective Multi-caste Ant Colony System for Large Dynamic Traveling Salesperson Problems* /Leonor Melo, Francisco Pereira, Ernesto Costa/
  16. *Paper #30 - Reverse-engineering nonlinear analog circuits with evolutionary computation* /Theodore Cornforth, Hod Lipson/ CANCELED
  17. *Paper #33 - An evolutionary approach to contrast compensation for Dichromats users* /Alina Mereuta, Sebastien Aupetit, Nicolas Monmarche, Mohamed Slimane/
  18. *Paper #34 - Improving efficiency of metaheuristics for cellular automaton inverse problem* /Fazia AIBOUD, Nathalie GRANGEON, Sylvie NORRE/
  19. *Paper #35 - Multistart Evolutionary Local Search for a Disaster Relief Problem* /Juan Carlos Rivera, H. Murat Afsar, Christian Prins/
  20. *Paper #38 - Beam-ACO for the repetition-free longest common subsequence problem* /Christian Blum, Maria J. Blesa, Borja Calvo/
  21. *Paper #39 - A Recombination-based Tabu Search Algorithm for the Winner Determination Problem* /Ines Sghir, Jin-Kao Hao, Ines Ben Jaafar, Khaled Ghedira/
  22. *Paper #40 - PSO with Tikhonov Regularization for the Inverse Problem in Electrocardiography* /Alejandro Lopez Rincon, Miguel Cienfuegos, Mostafa Bendahmane, Bedreddine Ainseba/
  23. *Paper #42 - O-BEE-COL: Optimal BEEs for COLoring Graphs* /Piero Consoli, Mario Pavone/
  24. *Paper #44 - Massively Parallel Genetic GA on GPGPU applied to Powerload Profiles Determination* /Frederic Kruger, Daniel Wagner, Pierre Collet/
Victoire, Bordeaux